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The Puzzles of Saint Patrick

A hero behind our holidays! The adventures of the real Patrick inspire children and adults alike in a life packed with puzzles he must solve.

The following is a review published in the online book review magazine “Children’s Bookwatch” in March, 2014, by Midwest Book Review:

“The Puzzles of St. Patrick: From Slave to Saint is a children’s picturebook that tells the true story of St. Patrick, the man whose tireless work to spread the Christian faith among the Irish is annually commemorated by the St. Patrick’s Day holiday every March 17th. In the title, “Puzzles” refer to the many difficult and thought-provoking challenges that Patrick had to confront over the course of his life. The story stays true to what Patrick himself wrote about himself, in one of his two letters to survive to the present day. Patrick grew up the son of a noble family, but at age sixteen, raiders kidnapped him from Britain and sold him as a slave in Ireland. He labored as a shepherd for six years, then one day awakened to the voice of God, telling him that a ship would take him home. Patrick made a two-hundred-mile journey, miraculously found a ship, and persuaded the captain to take him with difficulty. But after the arduous voyage home, Patrick had trouble adjusting to the life he used to live. He had a vision calling him to teach the Irish about God, and he followed it, spreading his faith despite being beset by hardship, robbery, and unjust imprisonment. The story concludes with one of the most famous parables popularly assigned to St. Patrick – explaining the Holy Trinity of God as analogous to the three leaves of a humble shamrock. Accessible to readers of all backgrounds and faiths, The Puzzles of St. Patrick is enthusiastically recommended, especially as a way to teach young people about the noble person behind the popular holiday.”

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