Welcome to Fairland Books

To open a book is to enter a new land—a place full of discovery, comfort, excitement and surprise for children. With her first books, Ellen aims to give children the fun of finding satisfying answers while enriching family life and traditions.

Create a land that is fair to behold and fair to all, and a child will want to visit again and again.

One thought on “Welcome to Fairland Books

  1. Vickie Yozwiak

    As a catechist, and mother, I’ve come to realize that sharing our treasured stories of God’s love, faithfulness and mercy with our children is one of the best ways to deepen their faith and love for our Lord. The Puzzles of St. Patrick is such a storybook. A child will recognize that through prayer Patrick came to truly know and feel God’s love, care and protection, even during the most difficult of circumstances. Ellen Nibali masterfully reminds her readers that God will always be with them just as He was with dear St. Patrick. It’s a charming telling of St. Patrick’s story that captures the attention of young readers with the many puzzles that Patrick faced and beautiful illustrations by Lon Eric Craven. This is not the standard telling of the story. I highly recommend that you add this delightful book to your family’s library. (Vickie Yozwiak, Mother and Director of Religious Education at St. Louis Church in Clarksville, Maryland)


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